Healthy skin is not simply a matter of DNA or neither is it an overnight process. Healthy skin is the output of all those daily habits that you perform for your skin. Taking care of your skin is not a difficult task to deal with, you should have basic knowledge about all those skincare products that are suitable for your skin type and make this routine a part of your hobbies. “Beauty has no skin tone” therefore you should love your skin whatever the tone you have. Healthy skin doesn’t mean to change the skin type but to take care of your skin for shine and glow. Three basic rituals that you can habitually do is Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. As it is said “Self-care starts with skincare” therefore following are the step by step procedure used for daily skincare which you need to adjust it according to your age and skin type


Everyone has a skincare routine that they follow religiously on daily basis starting from washing their face and applying products day and night. Cleansing is the first and important step in daily skincare routine which will help you to get radiant clean skin every time. There are many options available for the cleansers having different benefits but if you have good knowledge about your skin that will help you to filter all other options and makes you hunt for the perfect cleanser for you. If you have normal skin, you are free to try any type of good quality cleansers.


  • Wash your face with lukewarm water before applying a cleanser which will help to lift dirt out of your skin easily.
  • Read “How to use” steps from the cleanser before applying.
  • Massage your face for only 30 seconds if you have sensitive skin.
  • Massage your face in a circular motion while applying cleanser and especially focus on the T-zone area, hairline and jawline.
  • After washing your face, dab your face with a towel without rubbing harshly.


Toner is an optional step that should be used after cleansing or before applying serums or anything on your skin. People have a misconception regarding toners that they are harsh and irritate the skin which is not true anymore. Selecting the right choice of toner will help as a delivery system for antioxidants, balances your skin’s pH, vitamin B derivatives and tonging acids. For acne-prone skin, prefer to use3 toner having salicylic acid which will help to calm breakouts. For sensitive or dry skin use hydrating toner to soothe completely.


  • Traditional application method use for applying toner is to saturate a cotton pad and apply on your face but in this way unnecessary product consumed.
  • The most preferred way to apply is with clean hands.
  • Just pour few drops of Toner on your palm and wipe it on your face gently.


Serums are very powerful skin allies, super-concentrated, nutrient-dense treatments that mitigate many issues related to skin. Antioxidant Serums are not only for the skins having issues but it protects from daily aggressors. The most evident benefit of using serums is protection against UV rays and environmental pollutants. Every Serum is not for all skin types, you need knowledge about your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Seals the skin and prevent moisture loss. It helps in hydrating the skin.

Vitamin C: Brightenthe dull skin and helps in decreasing dark spots.

Retinol, vitamin B3, peptides: Helps in preventing lines and skin sagging by stimulating collagen production and elastin, proteins in the body.


  • Don’t mix the serum with a moisturizer
  • Concentrate on the frequency of serums you are applying because not all serums are used with the same frequency.


Eye creams are the best method to remove dark circles and protect the delicate eye area from makeup or skincare products on your skin. Eye creams are used for the treatments of skin like hyperpigmentation, puffiness or dryness around the eyes but you have to wait for results because it is not an overnight process.


  • Use eye creams on the recommendation of dermatologists only
  • Dab eyes cream with the help of a ring finger to avoid any damage to your eye areas.
  • Eye creams with SPS help in preventing eyes from UV rays and sunlight radiations.


Face oils are designed to provide your skin moisture, soften the skin and locks it with hydration. Facial oil is not only reserved for dry skin but all type of people can use this buzzy skin product and make it a part of the skin care routine. Every product is useless unless it is not of your correct skin type. There is a debate of using face oil before or after moisturizer but it varies on the ingredients of products.


  • Cleanse the skin before applying facial oil.
  • Face oil not only use before sleep but you can also add it with primer while applying makeup.
  • Few drops are enough for applying
  • Dab or pat the oil while applying and do not rub it.


Moisturizer is very important to hydrate your skin and help in strengthening your skin barrier. It should be a must part of your daily routine skincare even if you are not using makeup products. “Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up” therefore moisturizing will help in making your skin glow and plump it. Naturally, the skin produces some chemical to moisturize but it loses the ability to retain moisture as we age therefore daily facial activities strip natural hydration from the surface. The texture of the moisturizer should be decided by the type of your skin.


  • Use the moisturizer when your skin is moist rather than dripping wet skin.
  • Check the ingredients carefully before applying.
  • Avoid over-exfoliation of moisturizer in your skin otherwise, it will damage your skin by causing redness, burning or irritation.
  • Follow the right sequence of applying moisturizer and read the instructions.
  • If you are getting acne spot treatment then you should skip those affected areas while applying moisturizing so that ingredients won’t interfere with active ingredients in acne spot treatment areas.
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