9 Ways to keep your hair safe from the summer sun

In summer, as the sun damages the skin, it can also damage your scalp and hair. The hot summer sun causes weathering and oxidative damage to our hair and it makes our hair dry, stiff and brittle. The detrimental impacts of the heat, sun, saltwater, and chlorine water on the hair causes frizzy hair, weakened cuticle and breakage. You need to learn few ways to keep your hair safe from the summer sun, humidity, and heat and all the preventive measures that you can take easily.

 1. Have a Fresh Haircut

Whether you have long straight hair or short hair, the hot summer weather can make the ends of your hair brittle and dry. This is when you notice the splits ends of your hair and dry tips which certainly not a good look!

The tips of your hair take a lot of heat beating during the summer. Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a fresh haircut but if you don’t want to shorten your hair then a small trim can work very well and keep your hair in good condition and brings back life to your hair.

2. Care for your colour

If you have recently treated your hair with colour or you have coloured hair, you need to take extra steps for preventing your hair during summer. Select the haircare products that are specially made for coloured hair or hair treatment. Hairs are mostly damaged by chemical treatments mixed with the hot burning summer sun that leads to colour fading, an increase in hair damage and excessive hair dryness. Get less exposure to the sun rays especially when it is at its peak. If you need to go somewhere, cover your head properly with a scarf or a hat.

3. Use Conditioner

The best quality conditioner can help you to restore some moisture and give life to it by providing nourishment. Get the hair product that suits your hair texture and hair type. In summer, if you are going for a swim then use a leave-in conditioner on your head and you can also wear a swimming cap.

4. Shampoo with care

It is recommended to use shampoo after a day or two because shampooing your hair every day can cause damage to your hair. Too much use of shampoo can do no good but can dry up your scalp and hair even more than before. The use of lukewarm or cold water for rinsing your hair will do a trick on the days when you are avoiding the shampoo.

If you tend to seat on the scalp and get greasy hair easily and you need to use shampoo on daily basis, choose the mild shampoo having fewer chemicals and made especially for summers. Focus on cleansing your scalp and shampoo it and in this way suds will rinse down to your hair too because if you shampoo your hair instead of your scalp, it will dry them out.

5. Beat the heat

As your hair is exposed directly to the sun in the summer, it is recommended to avoid the use of straighteners, flat irons, curlers and blow dryers regularly as it will damage your hair quickly. Try to wash your hair half an hour early and get your hair ample time to air-dry more often. Go slow in using a blow-dryer as much as possible and let your hair be as natural as it can be easily.

6. Tried an Overnight hair treatment?

If you want to prepare your hair for summer, you will find it very interesting the use an overnight hair treatment in the summer. The process is very simple and easy, all you need to do is to apply a leave-in conditioner to your frizzy and dry hair from roots to the ends of your hair. Wrap a plastic cover around your hair or wrap a towel and sleep. Wake up in the morning with smooth, tamed fizz, soft and hydrated hair.

7. Use Dry Shampoo

If the sun has taken out the smoothness of your hair and now your hair is greasy and oily, are you crying for shampoo? Don’t worry! You don’t have to wash your hair because a good quality dry shampoo can work for you! You will find it a great product for soaking up excess oil in hair without causing your scalp to produce even more oil and save loads of time in the morning. This is a small and simplest hair care tip for you, you can sprinkle baby talc on your hair and scalp and comb it out properly.

8. Sun Protection

You cannot avoid the sun in summer completely and you get exposed to it in one way or another, the best way is to follow precautions by wearing a cap or hat. The skin can get protected through sun rays by applying creams having SPF in them. In the same way, to protect your hair from the scorching sun is the use of leave-in conditioner having SPF in them. If wearing the scarf is not your style then use conditioner with SPF. You can use the best hair care products like sunscreen, special hair mask that is perfect for your hair type. Make sure to wash your hair in case of more sweat.

9. Use a wide-tooth comb

Hairbrushes play a vital role in the health of the hair but it is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb instead of hairbrushes on regular basis. The Wide-tooth comb will help you to detangle your hair easily and help you to avoid breakage of hair while combing.

Summer is the time for hair dry and damages due to warmer and scorching temperatures. The colored hairs are more exposed to the effects of heat as compared to others. Make sure to avoid chemical treatments during summer. If you still want to get your hair done with color in summer, try to do it in a month or two with precautions. I recommend you use organic ingredients for your hair. opt for all the precautions so that you can enjoy summer without having any worry about causing damage to your hair!

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