Barely there! Less but really pretty makeup

A healthy skin is important to look fantastic, no matter the season. There are few simple prep steps to flattering no makeup makeup look.

1. Moisturize

Hydration of skin, no matter if you are wearing less or more makeup is the key to good looking face! The right cream, lotion, oil, and SPF leaves the skin glowing, smooth, and plumped.

2. Skin

Face overtime develops lines and marks that you might wish to cover, even though it is absolutely one’s personal choice whether they wish to cover or not.

After properly hydrating your face, look at yourself, take a brush, dip it in your favourite concealer and dab on points that you want to cover, then pat and do not rub to blend.

3. Eyes

Liner and mascara add definition to the eyes, the whole idea is to highlight your eyes with tiniest amount of liner and mascara.

Depending on thickness and darkness of your lashes, you must decide the thickness of your liner.

Gone are the days where thick liners were trending, the new trend calls for the thinnest liner close to your lash line to give extra definition.

4. Lip + Cheek

For no makeup look, one must choose stains and balms instead of lipsticks and powder blushes. The application must be followed by bloating using a tissue. Make sure there is bare or no texture in your products, the lack of texture makes them more wearable and natural looking face.

Find the right shades for your face to match your skin tone and achieve the best results. Remember a wrong shade is worst than no shade. Let us know your thought about this blog!


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