Digital LED masks benefits and uses

The celebrity beloved beauty trend that you wear over your face promises to give you clear and smooth skin.

An LED face mask emits different coloured lights on skin and a session lasts for about 20-30 minutes, although they can last longer to achieve different skin goals.

The light is absorbed by the different components of skin cells, which changes the way they function.

However, one must be consistent with the usage to achieve results, the intensity of at-home device is much lower than the clinical devices thus results may take time to show.

It is used to regenerate the skin and increase the healing process. Many aestheticians, dermatologists and skinfluencers are recommending it to be helpful in regeneration of desired skin texture.

How to choose the best mask?

  • The mask must sit directly on your face, even one inch away from your skin may reduce the effectiveness.
  • Wavelength of red 633nm and 830nm are recommended
  • The mask must not be bulky to ensure ease of use.
  • The face must be clean as any product on skin will hamper penetration.

How does the device work?

LED stands for Light emitting diode a technology developed by NASA’s plant growth experiments in space.

The devices available to be used at home are less effective than the one is available at dermatologist’s office.

The different lights have different purposes as mentioned above, the light penetrates through layers of skin to work on deeper level. The light wavelengths penetrate skin to trigger changes within skin at the molecular level.

Each light targets different concerns. For instance,

– red light increases circulation and stimulate collagen thus being useful to fight lines and wrinkles.

– Blue light targets bacteria that cause acne. it penetrates skin’s hair follicles and pores. This is advantageous for preventing future breakouts.

These are the two most used colours, but there are additional lights such as

  • Yellow to reduce redness
  • Green to reduce pigmentation
  • Amber to revitalise the skin and reduce any swelling and increase radiance.
  • Infrared is invisible to naked eyes, but it penetrates better than any other light in the spectrum and is beneficial for reducing signs of ageing by replenishing dermal and epidermal cells.

When are the results visible?

A minimum of 4-6 weeks but may take longer for both acne and anti-ageing skin changes.

Who should not use the device?

People with history of skin cancer, diabetes and with ailments related to retina must avoid LED mask treatment.

The LED masks have high safety profile. They give skin overall boost.

If you are seeking for cosmetic improvements through non-invasive methods at home, LED masks may be the right option for you. It is comparatively less effective than lasers and topical treatments but over time results are worth the try. One must take proper precautions before using them including eye protection to stay safe treating your skin.



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