Extremely dry, fried, brittle thirsty hair:

We all love styling our hair and keeping up with the trends, but after a while they are so damaged and break so easily, no matter how many repair and hydration products we use? Because your hair and scalp have had enough!

Chewing gum when wet, stiff and crunchy when dry, if this is what your hair feels like, then there is a good chance that your hair has been damaged.

What exactly is happening?

  1. Damage to protective hair barrier – HYDROLIPIDIC FILM

Due to excessive styling and use of harsh products on our hair, we often end up damaging the natural protective layer of our hair called Hydrolipidic film.

  1. Falling of scales on hair shaft, exposing the inside of the hair leading to loss of water.

If you take a strand of your hair and notice split ends, it is likely that the scales that make our hair appear smooth and uniform have fallen and the strands are exposed to damage.

  1. Destruction of Keratin inside your hair, making hair porous leading to breakage.

Humid weather & harsh sun turns smooth hair in to an unattainable dream. Environmental factors such as harsh weather or chemical treatment deplete keratin of hair.

What to do about those famished hair?

  1. Your hair is thirsty for regenerative hair care products that will act deep down and give long lasting results. Include hair mask, conditioners, oils to fulfil your hair needs.
  2. Give your hair a break from styling products, colours, bleaches as your hair is in fragile state.
  3. Set your hair dryer to cold or let your strands dry in air. And if you cannot avoid dryers then always use heat protection sprays.
  4. Use physical barriers like hats, scarves, umbrellas to protect your hair from UV rays, heat, sand, wind, chlorine, and salt.
  5. Protect your hair at night while sleeping by wrapping your hair with a silk or satin scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase as cotton is an absorbent material and can remove moisture from your hair.
  6. Skip a shampoo session or two, all experts suggest that you should not shampoo hair more than 2-3 times a week.
  7. Eat nutritious food rich in omega 3 and vitamins to keep your tresses healthy. Bonus? It will ensure overall healthy skin, body, nails and eyes.
  8. Drink a lot of water as our body is made of 90% water. All we can say is water is the secret to everything in your body.

Taking care by following the right routine and using right products can literally transform your hair. Follow our tips and let us know if it helped you!


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