Frequently Asked Questions

The idea that all the natural elements are good for the skin is a common misunderstanding. For instance, mineral oils, tea tree oils and essentials are allergens that can easily cause allergic reactions, block pores and suffocate skin. They can also contain allergens.

The right products are made, consist both natural and synthetic, are 100% clean, developed essentially in laboratories and tested for safety and efficiency.

It is advisable to shampoo the hair at least once a week to help remove residual hair styling products, normal dead cells, etc. Depending on your activities such as swimming or other outdoor training due to sweat, pollen, dirt, etc. Your hair can need more frequent shampooing but don’t worry about shampooing or using high mineral “hard water,” because you can pull hair out from natural oils that may cause dryness in hair and scalp.

Deep conditioning provides more intense strengthening and moisturization, aids in the “restoration” of some natural oils, and can aid in the elimination of dry, brittle hair. Deep conditioning can improve the lustre (sheen) and body of your hair as well.

Yes, that is right. Dry shampoos work, make sure the ingredients are checked.

“Dry shampoos are all right to keep things fresh but know they don’t give your hair any benefits. Check out the ingredients of your products and make sure that they do not carry alcohols or proteins that could further dry the hair. 

 Consider color correction tricks to help neutralize your blemishes before applying your foundation. Neutralize using a green color corrector if you have a pimple that is very red. Use a small, rigid brush and directly tap the product onto the defect. Then put the base on top of it.

 The décolleté (DAY-co-let-TAY) refers to the area of the upper chest just above the bust, including the neck. Technically, it also includes the shoulders and upper back.

Sadly, after long periods of use, this problem may be present in any soap bar. These cracks form when the soap bar is wet, and then submitted without routine use to long dry periods. However, the performance of the product is not affected by the cracks. The only outcome of the cracks may be an aesthetic problem and dirt particles build up in the cracks which can be seen as dark spots in the soap bar.

Dermatologists often recommend showering and bathing more than twice a day, depending on the skin type and water quality and temperature, to maintain the skin’s balance.