Healthy habits in men that attract woman

Hygiene is attractive and we are glad to see that the culture and new generation is much more health conscious than the previous generations.

Here are a few tips by conscious men out there:

  1. Use a cleanser not a body wash to wash your face. No, they’s not the same!
  2. Invest in a good razor and throw that nickle blade razor away, you never know you might be allergic to it.
  3. Always use an aftershave preferably alcohol free.
  4. Do not skip your moisturiser and sunscreen. Remember sunscreen does not only protect you from tanning but even deadly skin conditions like cancer!
  5. We can not emphasize more that be it men or women or any human race, we all need SPF, it slows down the process of ageing and give your protection against UVA plus other harmful sunrays.

What should you be eating for overall healthy skin?

Women go bananas for a good skin, and you are what you eat. So you must consume those fruits and vegetable for that subtle glow. Eat the ones with level of carotenoids.

Take additional vitamin and mineral supplements if the food you eat doesn’t feel nutritious enough.

Skin that soda, beer and junk food as they cause acne and clear skin is what attracts the women most.

Mid-twenties is the right time to start with a healthy skin care routine that includes cleansing, eye cream, lip balm, moisture and SPF.

Bottom line, Start taking care of your skin to experience the wonders in your personal and professional life. Once a person is more confident, it starts to reflect in their personality.


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