How to make nails grow faster?

It is a challenge to grow stronger, not brittle, and healthy nails. Even though acrylics are always an option, but original nails have no competition.

Signs of unhealthy nails:

  • Change in colour and thinning of nails
  • Separation of nails from surrounding skin
  • Swelling or pain in nails
  • Slow growth

All the above can be caused due to nutritional deficiency or side effect of some medication.

Fingernails are made of many layers of hard protein called keratin. If your nails grow slower than average, then you must try the following tips:

Regular trims

Regular trimming of not just hair but also nails helps to stimulate blood flow and encourage nails to grow. This must be done every few days to promote healthy growth.

Adopt healthy nail habits and grooming

No picking, no biting and no ripping of the cuticles must be adopted. A regular application of cuticle serum daily or a few times a day is also recommended.

Eat a balanced diet

Poor nutrition is bad not only for the nails but whole body. Balanced diet will keep you strong including your nails.

Supplements like biotin and collagen

Take supplements like biotin and collagen to support and help growing hair and nails.

It strengthens nails and make it easier to grow nails.

Nail protection

Use of nail hardeners, gloves while doing household chores to protect the nails from breakage.

Use acetone-free nail polish remover

It can cause dry brittle nails as it absorbs the moisture from nails. It can also cause chipping of nails.

Reduce the use of cosmetic products

Nail cosmetic products have harsh detergents which can cause allergies and sensitivities. Do not compromise on the quality because of the price.

A little effort can work magic for you, Wish you healthy, strong, smooth, and hard nails without dents and grooves. Let us know what you feel about the above suggestions.


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