How to remove facial hair at home?

We, like all mammals have facial hair which sometimes makes our makeup looks cakey. De-fuzzing your face can make your skin look smoother and flawless.

While some females have thick facial hair, others have much lighter. It is totally normal to remove your unwanted hair.

Here are some short-term ways to get rid of that peach fuzz in few minutes at home:


Also known as derma blading is an exfoliation technique using devices at home or at your derma’s office.

The hair, dead surface cells and other build up can be removed using blade. It is generally safe and easy way to achieve an uneven skin tone.

Use once a week for a fuzz free skin.


Hold your skin behind the blade taut and gently glide the tool downwards, using short strokes.

Hair removal cream/ depilatory creams:

Hair removal cream have been in the market for a long time, choose a removal cream for sensitive skin specifically formulated for facial skin.

It is advisable to do a patch test to check for any kind of allergies as these creams may cause redness, bumps, and itchiness.


Apply the cream for 10 minutes on your skin or area of concern. Gently wipe of the cream with a soft tissue and dap with water to reveal soft, smooth skin.


Soft wax and wax strips are one of the most common and effective way of removing hair from the face.

The downside of using wax is that it can irritate and inflame the skin making it unsuitable for some people. It should be avoided if you have extremely sensitive skin.


Apply the wax to the area with a stick or strip directly and then pull in the opposite direction.

Make sure you moisturise the face after waxing.

For long term solution, you can try:


Use of electric current with an exceptionally fine needle shaped electrode or metal probe which zaps individual hairs. This is an FDA approved permanent hair removal method.

Laser hair removal

It is again an FDA approved method of hair reduction. After several sessions, you will note that the hair has become thinner and lighter than before and eventually might not return at all.

It is safe to use on face, as well as body. This method works the best on dark hair and light skin.

Remember, your facial skin is much more delicate than other parts of the body. If you have excessive facial hair than you must seek medical advice as it may be a sign of another underlying health condition like PCOD/PCOS.


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