LED light therapy and its benefits for hair:

LED therapy is today being used to treat acne, sun damage, skin aging and pigmentation.

NASA initially had developed LED for space plant growth experiments as led light has amazing healing properties. The LED light accelerate tissue growth.

It has both health and beauty promising benefits. The light penetrates the skin and activates is naturally healing process. Different colours have different wavelengths that serve different purposes.

LED lights are non-invasive and do not contain UV rays, thus making them suitable for long term use and on all skin tones.

Different kinds of lights that are used to treat the scalps are:

Blue light

It has calming effect on the scalp and helps to reduce inflammation. It also targets acne causing bacteria and reducing the activity of oil producing glands.

Green light

It normalizes the activity of oil producing glands under the hair follicles and restore healthy oil and moisture. It gives hair beautiful shine.

Red light

Helps to reduce appearance of scarring and slow signs of aging. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp. It is an effective treatment for rosacea and other skin diseases.

Cyan light

It has anti inflammatory effect treats and soothes sun damage after sun exposure. This light reduces stress on scalp.

Purple light

It gives combined benefits of red and blue light simultaneously. It increases cell rejuvenation and renewal which promote strong hair growth.

Clearly, if you are shedding due to stress, or any other health problems then you must try this painless treatment at home or at your dermat’s office.


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