Routine For Healthier, Shinier Hair

The type of hair depends on genetics but maintaining the crowning glory of your hair is completely in your hands. The diet, pollution, weather, and all other approaches are factors for your hair care which you need to work on. So, find out which healthy routine will be beneficial for you because each hair type is different. Unfortunately, we all directly expose our hair to sun scorching and pollution which decrease the hair’s health and the shine reduces.

But these tips can help you to maintain the health and shine of your hair:

A well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet plays a significant role in achieving healthy and shiny hair. According to researchers, certain nutrients boost hair health but the major one among them is omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fishes are the main source of omega fatty acids. These nutrients can also be attained through capsules, flax seeds, and other foods as well.

Pour cold water

The second tip is after taking a shower, pour cold water on your hair. This helps in shrinking the pores as a result the moisture within the hair cuticles is being locked. This process reflects shiny hair with less frizz.

Apply shampoo

It is important to cleanse your hair by applying shampoo to your hair. The best way for doing that is to apply shampoo two times while taking a shower. The reason is that the first application of the shampoo removes the dust from the hair and the second one, enhances the shine of the hair. If you are going to apply shampoo to your hair frequently it is going to exacerbate the dullness and fizziness in your hair rather than adding to the health of your hair. Also, a moderate quantity will do the job so there is no need for excessive application.

Apply conditioner

Conditioner acts as a thing protective layer to protect your hair and locking it is shine and smoothness. Always apply conditioner from ends to the top, towards the scalp.

A conditioner that is enriched with nutrient oils is very helpful in retaining moisture in the hair. It smoothens out the cracks in the cuticles and turns cuticles into a smoother surface that results in the reduction of dullness and frizz in the hair.  

Keep your scalp hydrated

Our hair entails hydration which prevents the scalp from getting dry. Hydration of the hair can be done in two ways, by drinking lots of water, and second, the application of a hair mask. Both of these steps will serve the purpose of hydrating the hair efficiently.

Avoid the heat

Try to avoid using heat on your hair as much as possible. Air drying your hair instead of blow-drying helps in regaining the shine. If you are using heating tools on your hair, the best thing to do before starting the process is to use heat-protecting serums on your hair. This diminishes the chances of getting hair burnt and inhibits the loss of natural hair moisture and sheen to some extent.

Apple-cider vinegar

Another effective tip is using Apple-cider vinegar rinse. This maintains the pH of your scalp naturally and results in healthier hair having sheen on them.

Use of hair oil

Another essential thing for healthier hair is hair oil. It is a must and a guaranteed remedy used for regaining the shine and sleekness of the hair. It rejuvenates the hair and turns them into a better version that has shine and sleekness in them. Try to use hair oil once a week followed by a proper massage so that hydration can be enhanced in the scalp.

Brushing your hair- a natural moisturizer

Brushing your hair naturally gushes the hair oil and this is a natural moisturizer that retains the moisture in the hair and enhances the shine of the hair. This is a rudimentary step yet very significant in the hair care routine. One must try the wooden brush for beST results.

Moderation is the key!!

It is not wrong to style your but everything should be done at a moderate level. We all know excess of everything is bad. Hence, do not use heating tools, shampoo, conditioner on the daily basis rather they should be used following the proper guidelines and keeping in mind the pros and cons of all the products? Natural products are always best and safe to be used during the hair care routine. Nevertheless, the hair care routine is mandatory as a skincare routine.

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