Squalane:Benefits of using this very light oil

It is likely you came across the term “squalane” while searching for ingredients in a new skincare product, or perhaps you heard it from your girlfriends at brunch.

We produce squalane naturally in our bodies, but the amount decreases as we age, so finding ways to consume and apply it topically is important

In fact, about 12% of our skin’s surface is made up of squalene at birth, but by our mid-20s, its production begins to decline sharply. Therefore, topical application is important.

Squalane is much more concentrated than a moisturizer alone, providing a pile of skin-loving benefits!

Is there a difference between squalene and squalane?

Although both are naturally occurring substances, squalane most likely originated in the form of squalene before adding hydrogen to the molecule to make it more stable.
Squalene is unstable, decomposes quickly with oxygen, and is known to clog pores.

Where does squalane come from?

Squalane is not only naturally found in human skin and blood, but also in olives, rice bran and wheat germ.

However, when fishermen learned about the incredible benefits of squalane for decades, squalane has been extracted from the liver of deep-sea sharks.

Is there any research to prove the effectiveness of squalene?

Squalene claims to increase skin moisture and reduce oxidative damage, which is supported by research.
A study published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research Advances in 2012 praised the emollient and detoxifying properties of squalene. Similarly, a study published in Molecules in 2009 showed that this ingredient is essential for reducing the damage of oxidative free radicals to the skin.
A study published in the International Journal of Agronomy in 2018 also found that this ingredient has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

What are the benefits of squalane oil for my skin?

This is the part we love; talk about the incredible benefits of this wonderful oil!
-Provides plenty of moisture and is light in texture, suitable for all skin types without feeling heavy or greasy.

-Squalane oil combats skin-damaging free radicals that cause signs of aging. By providing enough moisture to balance the production of oil, to keep the skin clean and healthy.

-It has anti-inflammatory properties for skin diseases such as acne and eczema.

-Last but not least, squalane oil helps stimulate blood circulation and promote the formation of collagen, thereby making the skin firmer, smoother and instantly radiant.
This is even one of Jennifer Lopez’s skin secrets: her recently launched JLo beauty series includes several products containing squalane and another skin-enhancing star hyaluronic acid. It also provides excellent sun protection.
Although squalane has been controversial in the past because it is made from shark liver oil, check the label and you will find that squalane is usually made from cane sugar, olives, rice bran or amaranth.

What kind of skin type is squalane oil best for?

Due to its powerful moisturizing and soothing properties, squalane oil is particularly useful for soothing dry skin and inflamed skin conditions such as eczema. But the big advantage of squalane oil is that it is safe and beneficial for all skin types, even if they have sensitive or acne-prone skin.
Squalane Oil is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, because it is lightweight and non-greasy, so it is unlikely to clog pores or cause acne.

What is the best way to use squalane oil?

To integrate it into your daily life, please do the following twice a day in the morning and evening:
1. Clean your skin and apply serum first.
2. Massage with a few drops of squalane oil.
3. Finish applying moisturizing cream (in the morning, apply SPF moisturizer or moisturizer and then sunscreen).

You can also apply squalane oil on your hair and nails to get the same moisturizing effect. To make your hair softer and shinier, put a few drops of squalane oil on your scalp.
For nails, put a few drops of squalane oil on the cuticles to achieve a moisturizing effect, especially if your nails are dry and damaged.


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